Previously, this was set up to be a blog to keep track of my progress in the DDP Yoga Positively Unstoppable Challenge. The week that challenge started, I was hit with the ADPKD diagnosis which caused me to completely upend my entire life. Because busting a kidney cyst is incredibly painful, I stopped the DDP Yoga program for awhile. But I still have this space, so here’s what is going to happen:

  1. I’m getting ready to resume DDPY officially. I’ll keep track of my progress here.
  2. I’ve got a super top secret thing that’s happening in July, and as part of that, I’m going to start sharing some delicious meals that are low in sodium RIGHT HERE on!

So keep an eye out here for updates and super tasty recipes!

Taking ADPKD on the Road

In January, I was diagnosed with ADPKD (Autosomal Dominant Polycistic Kidney Disease). A few weeks later, I found myself on the road for a previously scheduled work project. Previously, this would not have been a big deal at all; unfortunately, now I’m carefully avoiding restaurants. Being on the road, this was a significant challenge.

One of the major keys to my well being is eliminating as much sodium as possible from my diet. Traveling for work makes this incredibly difficult due to the insane amount of sodium included in most restaurant or fast food meals. However, cooking for myself gives me the ability to control all the sodium in my meals. I did some extensive research and found a hotel which included a full-size refrigerator and a cook top. My wife, being the loving and supporting life partner that I need (but definitely do not deserve) set up a grocery pick-up for me the day I arrived, so was been able to make my own meals for the most part.

One of my favorite things to eat is a chopped up mix of onion and various types of peppers, some mild and some spicy. Toss it in a pan with a small amount of whatever cooking oil suits your particular dietary needs. It makes a fantastic side dish for just about anything; I’ve had it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

If you’re keeping score at home, I’m down to 300 pounds. For awhile, I was averaging a pound per day of weight loss. It was a tad scary, but I realize we’ve made more drastic dietary changes than I originally planned before my diagnosis.

I’m also pleased that I have been cleared to be off my blood pressure medication, which is also good because apparently mine was being enhanced with a carcinogenic infiltrator. Fun times, right?! But my blood pressure readings have been in the normal range for several weeks now without having any medication. Goal accomplished, WAY ahead of schedule!

What next? My nephrologist cleared me for physical activity. I was afraid to do too much before my consultation, but I am confident that I should be able to resume my DDPY program.